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What is the material of high-voltage wire
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When it comes to high-voltage lines, I believe many rural friends are familiar with them. They can often see high-voltage poles in front of and behind their houses. However, some friends do not know much about high-voltage wires. What is the material of high-voltage wire? What harm does high-voltage wire do to human body? With these two questions, let's have a look!

What is the material of high-voltage wire:

Generally, aluminum wires are mostly used for high-voltage wires. Although copper wires have good conductivity and flexibility, if all of them are copper wires, the cost is too high. The aluminum alloy has good conductivity and low cost. However, if it is used underground, bare wires cannot be used, and the outer layer needs to be insulated. On the contrary, if the overhead high-voltage lines have high voltage and avoid heavy weight, they are all bare wires.

What are the hazards of high-voltage wires to human body

1. First of all, the high-voltage wire radiation is too strong. If it is exposed to strong electromagnetic radiation for a long time, it will cause qualitative changes in human blood and may induce leukemia. It is reported that many countries have investigated children suffering from leukemia, and the ultimate reason is that they are too close to the high-voltage line in life. Moreover, electromagnetic radiation has a great impact on human immunity and will accelerate the proliferation of human cancer cells.

2. Secondly, electromagnetic radiation also has a great impact on the human reproductive system, resulting in weak sperm in men, spontaneous abortion or fetal malformation in pregnant women. There are relevant experiments to track and investigate the people who have long-term contact with computers. It is found that among them, girls are prone to menstrual disorders and pregnancy abnormalities during pregnancy.

3. Finally, electromagnetic radiation also has a great impact on children's intellectual development. The World Health Organization believes that computers, televisions and mobile phones will have a great impact on fetal development. According to the relevant questionnaire, there are 20 million new births every year in China, including about 250000 to 350000 children with disabilities and intellectual disabilities. Experts believe that it is mostly caused by electromagnetic radiation.

Conclusion: The above is about the material of high voltage wire and the harm of high voltage wire to human body. I hope it can help those in need.

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