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What is the difference between a isolation switch and an on - load switch?
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1. Load switch

1. The transformer has the load switch, also called the transformer with the load switch tester.

2, functional characteristics

Transformer load switch tester is a comprehensive measuring instrument for measuring and analyzing the electrical performance of power transformers and special transformers on load tap changers. It is controlled by microcomputer. By designing the precise measuring circuit, we can accurately measure the transition time, transition waveform, transition resistance and three phase simultaneity of the on load tap changers. The user can be measured directly by the tap changer according to the needs and conditions, and can also be measured by the three-phase bushing of the transformer and the direct connection of the neutral point.

The transformer's load switch has the functions of displaying, analyzing, storing and printing the measured data. It solves the problem that the measurement method of the load tap changer of the power transformer is backward, and there is no special test means. It is possible to diagnose potential faults of on load tap changers in time in preventive test and overhaul of power equipment, which is of great significance for improving the reliability of power system operation.

3. The transformer's load switch has the following characteristics:

(1) high precision standard measurement

(2) the function of the light oscillograph

(3) strong comprehensive ability

(4) perfect human - machine comprehensive ability

(5) massive storage, powerful data processing and management

(6) high speed printing and output results are intuitionistic and quick

(7) anti-jamming design, wide range of power supply

(8) compact structure, easy to carry and field measurement

Two. Isolation switch

Isolation switches are one of the most frequently used electrical devices used in high voltage switches. Is that an isolation switch isolation effect in the circuit, the internal structure itself is also very simple, but because of the use of the most asked when the work is relatively high, if applied to the power plant, the power plant design and safety of the relatively large impact. This is the so-called isolation switch.

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