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What is the purpose of current transformer
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Current transformer is an electric current change device. It turns the high voltage and low voltage large current into a low voltage low current supply meter and relay protection device and separates the instrument and protective device from the high voltage circuit. The secondary current of the current transformer is 5, which makes the measuring instrument and the relay protection device safe and convenient, and also enable it to be standardized in manufacturing.

The structure of current transformer is composed of iron core, primary winding, secondary winding, terminal and insulator. A winding of current transformer with less number of turns, concatenated in the need to measure the current circuit, through the larger the current being measured, the number of turns of the secondary winding is more, concatenated in measuring instrument or relay protection circuit.

The secondary circuit of current transformer is not allowed to open. Current transformer at work, its secondary loop is always closed, but because of the measuring instrument and protection series winding impedance is small, the performance of the current transformer is close to a short circuit state, a current generated by the magnetizing force most compensation by secondary current, the total magnetic flux density is not large, secondary winding electric potential are slim. When the current transformer, when open the secondary loop impedance is infinite, current is equal to zero, a current turns to be excitation current, a high voltage in the secondary winding, threatened the personal safety, caused by instrument, protection, transformer secondary insulation damage. The secondary circuit of current transformer must be ground to prevent a single insulation breakdown, secondary to high pressure, threatening personal safety and damaging equipment.

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