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JJ fitters upon is to do things the Chinese people pay attention to "timing, geography, and" conditions, say the purpose is to take action and environmental coordinate. Survival and development of the social environment, including political and economic system, the market (product, labor and capital) and people's concepts and so on. Business and social environment interaction exists between the development of the relationship. Each enterprise must be based on their specific circumstances and the actual environment in which to decide on their respective development goals.

China's enterprises are faced with the fact that the Chinese economy both in the economic system on the market or the people's concepts are imperfect. China has just joined the WTO, although this marks the beginning of China's economy into the world economy, however, between the Chinese economy with the world economy, after all, there are still considerable barriers. This is the Chinese enterprises the basic characteristics of the living environment. This environment is the specific advantages and disadvantages of Chinese enterprises co-exist.

On the one hand, these environmental limits the development of Chinese enterprises, such as restrictions on labor mobility, the social security system and financial credit system is imperfect, local protectionism is rampant, access restrictions and unreasonable trade barriers and other world markets.

On the other hand, the imperfect environment for the survival of the enterprise provides a special condition, and even made some rapid growth during a given period. For example, some companies can take advantage of special government support, the use of regional market segmentation or very cheap labor, and even the use of consumer psychological immaturity (for example, by high sales of advertising investment to create a miracle), and other conditions of rapid growth.

Generally speaking, the market imperfections caused by defects is much larger than its benefits for individual enterprises. As China's economy continues to evolve, the living environment is also changing rapidly. Chinese enterprises must be in adapting to the changes and challenges to grow. First, Chinese enterprises in their growth process must face a relatively imperfect environment, learn to survive in this environment; Second, Chinese enterprises must clearly understand that it is now the conditions for the survival of what is backward, is bound to change with the development of society and must be recognized that any attempt to maintain rent-seeking behavior of these conditions can not save the company in the long term, companies should actively adapt to market changes challenge.

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