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    On the management
    As a grass-roots management of their own must have excellent quality, good communication skills, professional knowledge and skills. Captain as a business line managers, that plays an important role uploaded is assigned to connect employees and superiors important bridge of communication. Since each person's experience, education and social backgrounds, each of which makes the problem look at ways and means are also different, so the captain ordered the upload for different situations should be adjusted accordingly. Below I discuss three ways to manage simple
    First, the staff. Because production-level employees is a direct implementation of the workshop, was the product manufacturer, so to manage the plant production will have to manage junior staff. How to manage employees, employees must first establish a corporate philosophy, let employees know the company's interests and their own interests are inseparable, the company made only change for the better the staff have a better development platform. Second, the training staff attitude and sense of responsibility. In normal work, we should strictly require employees to work should be treated carefully, there is a sense of responsibility, his first deal with a problem, if they can not be solved in time reflect the foreman and supervisor, and to encourage talented employees to learn, so that they develop good work habits. Again, the spirit of cooperation of staff training, encouraging staff pay close attention to the adjustment of the workshop production, and actively work with the workshop production, together with each other, work together to quickly and effectively completed. Foreman level employees, as the organizers, to be used in the management of human management, to really be fair and impartial, failing decisive, respect for employees, concern for employees, understanding employee, the employee's problem as their problem seriously. Since each person's self-consciousness are relatively strong, so do not like to be tube, foreman in the organization of work which requires a certain technique used to avoid use of the right to force employees. Another foreman also plays an important coordinating role in the coordination problems between staff and employees, between employees and higher employee and workplace issues and problems. In the coordination of these issues, to analyze specific issues, using the way of empathy, and ultimately makes the major issues to minor trivial to nothing.
    Second, production management, the coordination of production, strict quality control, lower production costs, to ensure smooth production. First of all, the whole plant to be aware of the production operation, according to the workshop production produced a reasonable plan and schedule work so that the whole plant to balance production. Secondly, while balancing the production is more important is to control production quality, strict quality control. Tenders skills directly affect the quality of the product, so the work in the usual strict demands on employees to act in accordance with the rules, and strict supervision of employees operating method, mishandling of personnel should be given the appropriate punishment should also be encouraged employees work in the usual Do not just personal interests, but should the overall situation. There must be more than usual care, the abnormal situation foreman or supervisor shall report to minimize the wire and the old material back to production, lower production costs, strict quality control. In addition, the packaging is the final link in the production, quality control is also the last line of defense. Captain as a primary management should pay close attention to the workshop production, in their daily work should always check the product quality and packing of the strict quality control, of the defective cause to analyze the reasons for, and timely follow-up.
    Third, the security management. On-site supervision of the implementation of safety management system and the staff positions for safe operation, a clear responsibility for security staff, as many accidents are caused by the illegal operations, so the strict supervision of the work in the usual staff follow the rules and the law. Require employees to pay more attention to their daily work dangerous machine parts, packing room to four weeks out of view, to prevent the forklift. Employees into the factory with fireworks is strictly prohibited, if found should be given severe punishment, in short, to achieve the "safety first, production second", and actively involved in the production of special security checks, to detect and eliminate hidden dangers. Achieve "prevention first" principle, to prevent injury and major incidents, zero accidents as far as possible.
    In short, the management of five major responsibilities is to plan, organize, coordinate, control, supervision. In the premise of safety, increase productivity, improve product quality, reduce production costs, to the best of the whole production
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